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The Sallah Family Law Firm

Long Island Matrimonial and Family Law Attorneys

The Sallah Law Firm, P.C. handles every type of Matrimonial and Family Law case. The attorneys and staff are experienced in this area of practice. The firm's goal is to provide the best possible legal service and to vigorously litigate on our client's behalf.

The attorneys are aware that these types of cases are, in many ways, some of the most difficult times in a client's life. As such, each client is treated with the care and compassion necessary to enable them to cope with this life-changing experience. All matters are held in the strictest of confidence.

Clients can be assured that the attorney handling their case has many years of experience representing husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and grandparents in all types of Matrimonial and Family Law cases – from the simple to the complex.

Our attorneys have successfully argued and litigated every type of Matrimonial and Family Law issue and have the experience to handle our clients' diverse needs.

The founding partner of The Sallah Law Firm, P.C., Donald R. Sallah, has been practicing Matrimonial and Family Law litigation since 1975. The firm's primary focus has always been helping clients resolve their Matrimonial and Family Law difficulties as fairly and as equitably as possible.

The firm handles every type of Matrimonial and/or Family Law case, including divorce, custody, child support, spousal maintenance/alimony, separation agreements, pre‑nuptial agreements, same-sex couples, allocation of debt, and division of assets in equitable distribution, including all types of complex litigation concerning privately-owned businesses and pensions.

The firm also handles any type of Matrimonial or Family Law Appeal.

Our clients work with experienced attorneys who are all skilled and experienced trial lawyers, considerate of the needs of each client and diligent in their representation.

Consult with a Family Law Attorney

Whatever issue your family is dealing with, it is important to know your rights. This applies to what may appear to be a simple matter or the most complex. The Sallah Law Firm, P.C. offers a free consultation for any case. An attorney at our firm can advise you of your rights and what to expect during the process.

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